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Vulcan - specification

A yacht with temperament. Predatory and comfort. Energy and comfort.
Speed and security. And all on your terms. No compromise. Because it’s your journey and your unique style.

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Characteristics and parameters of the yacht

One of the most elite cabin motor yachts, Vulcan is built with the uncompromising quality of its creators. The powerful force of the engine combined with the sophisticated exterior line and the full range of functionalities guarantee an unforgettable experience. The exquisitely designed interior is characterized by an atmosphere of traditional elegance created by modern furniture, fabrics and fully energy-saving lighting. A highly effective racing stepped hull combine with surface drive is the best combination for speed, stability and sea keeping (low angle of attack).

Convenience and functionality

On board, you will be greeted with comfort, simplicity of control and unlimited possibilities. The interior elements are electrically adjustable, which allows you to arrange the space to individual needs and create communication routes accessible to everybody. Everyone can easily get to their Vulcan thanks to the low stern platform, which makes it easier to get into the yacht and into the water.

Basic parameters

Length over All (LOA) 14,5m
Water line (LWL) 12,0m
Beam over all (BOA) 4,2m
Draft 0,84m
Max high (without anchor light and with folded antennas ) 4,0m
Displacement light 12,3t
Displacement max 13,6t
Max persons on board 10
Class B
Top speed* +40kn
Crussing speed +35 kn
Electric 230V AC, 12V DC, 24 V DC, 5 V DC
Generator 2,8 kW
Tanks Fuel 2x390l
Fresh water 330l
B&G water 110L

* Top speed depends from various factors like boat displacement,
sea state, fouling  and can be different than depicted.


The drive system consists of two engines with a power of 570 HP each, linked by a gearbox and a cardan shaft with a surface, trimmed drive (up / down + -7 degrees, left / right + -20 degrees). The maximum speed of the vessel depends on sea conditions and the loading level and ranges from 40 to 45kn (depend on power pack and displacement). Auxiliary systems – side thruster to facilitate maneuvering, electrically operated anchor hatch with a winch (19 m chain plus 70 m rope) controlled by the board management system.

Safety systems

1. Bilge system – equipped with three highly efficient pumps operating in an automatic, manual forced system, monitored by the board management system. Two hand pumps, one with a valve for switching cabin / technical room and the other for power plants.

2. Seafire fire protection system based on temperature sensors, shutting off the work of engines, fans and fuel valves on tanks. Two fire extinguishers, one in the engine room and the other in the room, turn on independently (ampoule).

3. The C-pod system is an alarm system that remotely informs, via the telephone application, of the vessel’s location, voltage drop, breach of security loops, access to the boat, activation of water sensors.

4. CO detection system based on two independent sensors with an alarm located in the engine room and technical room.

5. Remote access system based on a four-channel remote control with programmed switching sequences (power supply, window closing, ambient lighting).

6. Webcams with recording, motion function and temperature measurement – programmable surveillance area.


The unique feature of the yacht, apart from the unusual design, is the combination of a stepped hull with a surface drive. The above was developed during the design work, which was guided by the idea of creating a fast yacht distinguished from the competition with maximum speed and travel comfort, using high-class finishing materials. Compliance with these assumptions – contradicting each other – required a compromise. Using the experience of designers and CFD simulation, it was decided to use a unique combination of a stepped hull with a surface propulsion. Another element contributing to the competitive advantage is the extensive board management – a system based on modern signal networks and EmpirBuss modules.
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Reduction of fuel consumption (reduction of environmental impact)

The implementation of advanced, modern solutions in the new Vulcan yacht entails significant ecological effects, defined primarily in the reduction of fuel consumption in the operation process. This effect will be generated due to the synergy resulting from the combination of:

• a highly effective hull reducing hydrodynamic drag by about 15% compared to classic hull lines for this type of units;

• besides half of immersed surface piercing propellers  drive that does not generate resistance in operational mode;

• Surface piercing propellers  with the highest efficiency – up to 71% (the remaining 50–60%). The application of all the above solutions has a direct impact on the reduction of fuel consumption by approx. 20% compared to similar units.

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