14 March 2021

JP Marine

We have long years of experience in building yachts, assembling and servicing marine and yacht engines. Our full diagnostics equipment makes it possible for us to run fast diagnostics and remove faults. We do total makeovers of all the engines we offer.


We are specialists in the construction of composite and aluminum units up to 20m and 4.4m wide.

We offer complete equipment of the hulls handed over with all installations – drives (including hydraulic), electric, electronic and navigation PRS approval. Finishing works, boatbuilding, carpentry, painting, upholstery

We have our own storage facilities with a large number of spare parts for motor yachts and fishing boats. There are over 1000 propellers in our standard offer.

vulcan yacht surface drive

Our specialisation is:

  • marine engines
  • drive systems – surface drive (SDS) , sterdrive, jet
  • propellers, clutches, shafts
  • Rescue Runner scooters
  • RIB type boat tubes (foam and ventilated), industrial fenders, anti-vibration, muffle , anti-skid matts
  • Vibration source diagnostics
  • Speed guaranteed with correct input data

We have our own design facilities to:

  • select optimum and comprehensive drive systems (engine, gearbox, shaft, propeller) for both new and converted boats (fishing, patrolling, rescue and leisure boats)
  • select fuel, cooling, power and ventilation systems, as well as wet and dry exhausts
  • select the shape and density parameters for tubes with individual gluing systems – mounting to various types of boats (RIB, patrol, towboats)
  • conversion and complete construction of composite boats of various kinds, with the most modern epoxy and vinyl-ester infusion technologies with the use of carbon or Kelvar fibres.